The complainant will approach the DTP (Planning) with a complaint that the case is not pending in any consumer forum or any Civil Court and that the GAC Award promulgated by Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon will be acceptable to the compliant without any appeal as the GAC (Ombudsman) is a reconciliation Forum/ Family Court.

GAC will meet at Deputy Commissioner office from time to time (preferably 2nd and 4th Friday of every month).
The list of documents to be attached by the complainant will contain the following:
Dispute Details - Complainant providing history of the case with relevant attested copies with dates.

Dispute Resolution:

  • Online Complaint will be received by the DTP (Planning), action will be taken only on physical receipt of four copies of documents (original and three copies of documents) along with a Cheque/ DD of Rs. 500 in favor of REDCO Haryana. DTP (Planning) will reject the complaint if original documents are NOT received within five working days from date of online registration.
  • DTP (Planning) office will send the original document along with Cheque/ DD to REDCO Haryana, who will receive amount directly, retaining other copies for reference to concerned departments. Thereafter, DTP (Planning) will Issue a notice to Respondent enclosing the copy of complaint asking for their response to the complaint with a copy to REDCO Haryana.
  • On receipt of the online response from the respondent, DTP (Planning) will forward the response online to the Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon, MCG, Commissioner Police and four GAC Members and concerned department.
  • However, further action will only be taken on the physical receipt of response to include History of the case with self attested copies and point of disagreement with Complainant with original and three copies of documents along with a Cheque/ DD of Rs. 1,000 in favor of REDCO Haryana
  • DTP (Planning) office will send the original document along with Cheque/ DD to REDCO Haryana,who will receive amount directly, retain one copy and send the other copies to concerned departments.
  • The DTP (Planning) will issue a notice to both complainant and respondent for their presence at the first hearing at Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon's Office after consideration of documents submitted by both the parties.
  • Subsequently further notices will be issued by DTP (Planning) as and when directed by Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon till the announcement of award.
  • The Council will issue a consensus award for promulgation by Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon.

    • The complaint be categorized under following heads
      • Complaints of NO Compensation or delay.
      • Complaints of Non- Adherence to Specifications as per Agreement.
      • Complaints of Non transfer of delayed delivery of a compensation to second or subsequent owners.
      • Complaints of Poor Compensation
      • Maintenance of sectors/townships/vertical and horizontal condominiums.

    • Non- Compliance of the following
      • Delay in handing over Plots/ Flats
      • Installation of DHBVN power supply connection
      • Compliance with Builder- Buyer Agreement
      • Payment of the maintenance charges/ Electricity Charges
      • Proper Internal Infrastructure

  • Points of Disagreement with the opposite party/parties
  • Complainant Claim and Justification
  • Respondent’s/ Developer’s Response with reasons
  • Undertaking: to give an undertaking with written statement of withdrawal of the case under other Authorities/ Court as also a commitment to attend hearings.
  • Deposition of Fees: Complainant has to deposit Rs. 500 for the registration and a fee of Rs. 1,000 per case will be paid by Respondent/ Developer to meet the expenses of hearings. The Developer will have to be a member of REDCO Haryana.
  • Simultaneous intimation of Complaint to Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon, MCG, Police Commissioner, Ombudsman, Messer M. K. Midha, J K Chandra and Ramavtar Yadav on payment of fees by Complainant: The council to convene hearings and after due deliberation along with additional hearings if necessary, call for the last hearing.
  • Award: Arbitration Council will announce the award in the last hearing and submit the same to Deputy Commissioner for promulgation.

procedure description