Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki, hon’ble Governor, Haryana cum President, Haryana Welfare Society  for Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment visits Gurugram Centre on 17.12.2016
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Message from Principal - cum - A.D., Welfare Centre For Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment, Gurgaon
Programs Centre runs various programsto enhance the skill levels ofstudents to aid in employability
Activities Centre actively organises various training activities withthe aim to benefit Children
Students Corner Centre is also focused to enhance overall welbeing & organises sports activities
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How a society treats its special children clearly marks its place on social evolution scale. In an evolved society, there is always a special place for special children. We have to take them along in our social journey. I and my colleagues at the centre feel immensely satisfied and happy to serve the noble cause. To help them bloom in childhood and then prepare them for real life ahead is a beautiful and challenging work. I believe an institution is more than a structure. Human emotions and empathetic involvement work wonders while we prepare these children to embrace life with a sense of purpose and accomplishments. And our responsibility becomes all the more important as childhood is a crucial phase of life upon which hinges the entire life and activities. We treat every child at the institution unique in manifestation of abilities and aspirations. And definitely, parents are an important stakeholder in care and training of disabled. We believe that an institution must have clear and sustained contact with parents of the disabled as they form an important motivating and socialising agency. And not only that, society itself needs to revisit its stereotypes and prejudices about special children. The children here may not express themselves like majority but they understand and communicate in a special way. We have found them very talented as their talent has brought the centre medals and laurels in fields like Judos,Arts just any other child. In order to ensure that they lead independent life and get social approval,the idea of Economic empowerment is central idea in our education and we also have taken a lead towards establishing a vocational computer centre. We firmly believe in constantly redefining and orienting ourselves to the best practices in disabled child care education. It is a part of our social collective to see the differently abled children overcome the challenges faced by them in our society and to see them as included in the centre of our society shoulder to shoulder with others. Dr. Sharanjeet KaurPrincipal
Achievements Students achievements in different fields and aspectsof life be it carrier or games
Prof. Kaptan Singh Solanki Hon’ble Governor, Haryana
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Shri T.L. -Hardeep Singh, I.A.S. Deputy Commissioner - Gurgaon
Message from Hon’ble Governor, President Haryana Welfare Society For Persons with Speach & Hearing Impairement
Social Integration Social Acceptance Economic Self - Reliance Vocational Rehabilitation Educational Rehabilitation Medical Rehabilitation 
Dr. Sharanjeet Kaur Principal
Message from DC - cum - Chairman, Welfare Centre For Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment, Gurgaon
WELFARE CENTRE FOR PERSONS WITH HEARING & SPEECH IMPAIRMENT - GURGAON The Centre was started in Gurgaon on 23rd September, 1971 as a new venture with three children in a rented wing of Industrial Training Institute, Gurgaon. Over the year, a new complex consisting of school building with adequate infrastructure to impart education to the hearing and speech impaired special children.  This include hearing aids and labs with teaching aids. The Centre has Hostel, Sports and other Recreational Facilities. At present 350 hearing and speech impaired Children are on the rolls of the school. The children come from Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, U.P., Bihar, Delhi and Rajasthan.  The Centre has successfully completed four decades of its existence and is recognised by Haryana Board of School Education, Bhiwani upto 10th standard. The centre follows the wholesome approach focused at the social integration of its hearing and speech impaired students through the various stages of rehabilitation and social acceptance.
Our Services & Facilities
Facilities Education is imparted to children through various communication methods
EDUCATION Education is imparted to the children through total communication methods - lip reading speech training, auditory training and gestures. The teacher-taught ratio at the centre is kept at a healthy 1:10. The latest possible equipments are used for teaching purpose. The education curriculum and syllabus taught is at par with the syllabus taught in other schools upto the High school standard and is taught by the specially trained teachers. Qualified to meet the special needs of the students. The students have been appearing in Middle and High School examinations conducted by the Haryana Board of School Education. The centre constantly explores new technologies and gadgets such as sophisticated amplification devices, amplified headphones or high-powered speakers that can be utilised for the betterment of the quality of life for the students with the disability. Presently, the centre is imparting education to these special children upto 10th standard and it plans to raise it to 12th standard.  MEDICAL CARE The Centre runs an ENT/Speech & Hearing OPD on every Saturday and has been running the same for the last 40 years with the overall clinical help from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi for the hearing impaired children and persons suffering from ENT and speech ailments of the adjoining areas of Gurgaon.  During 2014-15, the total numbers of OPD patients were 904. If the patients need more specialised attention,  they are referred to Medical College, Rohtak and AIIMS, New Delhi. The local civil hospital is also actively involved in general health check up of the students. Even the leading hospitals such as MEDANTA, Gurgaon organises ENT and personal hygiene camps from time to time. Hospitals          -  ALL INDIA INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES (AIIMS)           -  MEDICAL COLLEGE (Rohtak)           -  MEDANTA (Gurgaon) RESIDENTIAL CARE For the out-station boys and girls, the centre maintains two hostels for different age groups. One wing is for boys upto 12 years and other one for girls. Both the wings are supervised by House Mothers.  Free wholesome and nutritious food is provided to 110 student hostellers at present (56 boys and 54 girls) staying in the centre. The hostel has good dining and recreational facilities.
Education & Facilities
SPORTS AND CULTURAL EVENTS Apart from the studies and curricular activities, the centre is also focused to enhance the overall wellbeing of the students and organises various events on regular basis to enhance children's mental, social and physical growth and ensure overall nourishment of the students. Sports are taken as a means of confidence building and provide a sense normalcy to the children.  The children of the school have show excellence in the field sports at National and International level 
Achievements               at Glance
ACHIEVEMENTS 1. The children of this School have shown excellence in the field of sports and culture at National and International level. Our students won 19 medals at the District Sports Competition under Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan’s initiative. Our Judo team comprising of 53 students (34 boys and 19 girls) which represented Haryana state in 4th National Blind and Deaf Judo Championship at Lucknow from February 18 to 22, 2016 and won “ All over runner up trophy of the Championship” securing 30 medals (9 Gold, 10 Silver and 11 Bronze). 550 students from 17 states participated in this national event. In another national event of Cricket championship for deaf and dumb held at Hyderabad in April, 2016, 7 students of the centre were part of the winning champion team- Haryana. 2. Our students also won two National Awards at Bal Bhavan painting competitions. The Board school results of our students is much higher than the normal students in Government schools in Haryana state. 3. Our students brought laurels to our center by their excellent performance in various state level cultural and social events such as Rahagiri- an awareness program organized at Gurgaon to sensitize public towards differently abled children, legal literacy program organized at Rohtak by Haryana State Legal Services Authority. 4. The principal of the center was honoured for the dedicated services rendered to the cause of differently abled children by the Honorable Chief Minister Haryana in a state level function on Republic Day, 2016. Various teachers and staff of the center were honoured and recognized for their services to the children and the organisation on International Deaf Day on 23rd September, 2015.
Rehabilitation  & Vocational Training
REHABILITATION : VOCATIONAL TRAINING The Centre runs various vocational training programs to enhance the skill levels of the students and to aid the employability of the students for the trades such as Computer, Welding, Fitter, Cutting and Tailoring, Pottery and Ceramic, Art and Craft The centre has introduced new vocational trade in Computer Applications for the better rehabilitation of hearing handicapped children in reputed Industrial/Government Organisations.  The centre also plans to establish a career counselling and placement cell for its students.  TRAINING WORKSHOPS The Centre actively organises various training activities with the aim to benefit its various stakeholders. Various workshops are conducted for the students such as arts and crafts, motivational talks, hygiene and self grooming workshops, etc. Inter school activities, exchange programmes and workshops are organised for the overall development and their integration in society.  The teachers and the staff of the centre are encouraged to attend training and workshops to upgrade their knowledge and skills.  Counselling workshops are also organised for parents to sensitise and make them aware towards the needs of the special children Programs... COMPUTER WELDINGFITTER CUTTINGTAILORING POTTERY & CERAMIC ART and CRAFT
   -   Republic Day - 26th January    -   International Yoga Day - 21st June    -   Van Mahotsav Day - 1st July    -   World Youth Skills Day - 15th July    -   Independence Day  - 15th August    -   International Deaf Day - 23rd September    -   Founders day  - 23rd September    -   Gandhi Jayanti - 2nd October    -   World Disabled Day - 3rd December
Activities  & Culture
ACTIVITES The Welfare Centre works with many prestigious schools in Gurgaon such as The Sriram School, Salwan Public School, etc. These activities help in the integration process of normal students with the differently abled students as well as sensitize the normal students and society at large of the needs of the differently abled. New Initiatives 1. A computer-cum-placement center has been established to impart vocational and skills training and to provide suitable placements to the special children by signing an MoU between the center and E-Meditech- an agency working in the health and technology sector. 2. Upgradation and scaling up of Infrastructure and providing dedicated placements in the fitter and welding trade at the center by signing an MoU with SNS Foundation, Gurgaon. 3. 3-month training program in personality development and computer learning was organized with the help of a Delhi-based Trust-Saarthak, a voluntary organization. 4. An innovative initiative of Pottery and Ceramic modeling has been started in the center with the help of a trust Dharohar. The products developed under the initiative were given as souvenir to the participants of Haryana Happening Global Summit organized at Gurgaon in the month of March, 2016 by the Government of Haryana. 5. Environment and Organic food (Kitchen gardening) awareness activities were organized with the help of Uthan- a Gurgaon-based NGO. 6. Upgrading and strengthening of School and its hostels’ infrastructure with the help of a global company -Colt Care was taken up. A long term association on the above efforts and beyond is being visualized by the Center and Colt Care under latter’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 7. Searched and created appropriate and multi-faceted financial channels/sources to provide financial stability to the center. 8. Introducing vocational and skill-based education by especially creating a computer center which is uniquely empowering for the special children of the Welfare Center. 9. Welfare Center has evolved strategic growth partnership resulting in improved infrastructure, facilities which was created as part of CSR initiatives of corporate companies, trusts etc. 10. Created more concerted and effective coordination and communication channels between important stakeholders like general public, students and their parents, government and administration resulting in increased and effective responses. 11. Revised, restructured and embedded new innovative practices in administration, pedagogy like creating clubs/houses based on children’s interest and aptitude, creating and adopting an all-encompassing Children Engagement Programme in the context of special education delivery which also embeds the advanced and more relevant concept of wellness of the disabled children at par with global school education vision and practices. 12. Envisaged the development of the Welfare Center for Persons with Speech and Hearing Impairment, Gurgaon into a model center of Speech and Hearing disabled care, education, training and rehabilitation. 
New Initiatives & Plans
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B N Chakravarty Governor, Haryana (05 Nov., 1973) "The improvement shown by the inmates is truly heartening. The mothers seem to look after the children efficiently. I wish the centre all success" Shyam Chand Social Welfare Minister (26 Jan., 1976) "I am highly impressed by the cleanliness and discipline in this institute. My best wishes to the inmates and the members of the staff" Kaushalya Lamba Chairman, Haryana State Social Welfare Advisory (17 March, 1977) "मुझे प्रसन्नता हुई की यहाँ के बच्चे अपनी मनोज्ञानता में  सफलता प्राप्त  कर रहे हैं" Sushma Swaraj Social Welfare Minister, Haryana presently Minister of Foreign Affairs, India (12 Nov., 1977) "बच्चों का बुद्धि कौशल और प्रतिभापूर्ण आचरण यहाँ  के अधिकारियों और शिक्षकों के कठिन परिश्रम का परिणाम है" Col Ram Singh Education Minister, Haryana (26 Jan., 1978) "It has come up to everything I expected. My best wishes" B N Chakravarty Governor, Haryana (05 Nov., 1973) "The improvement shown by the inmates is truly heartening. The mothers seem to look after the children efficiently. I wish the centre all success" G.D. Tapase Governor, Haryana (09 Sept., 1980) "This institution is doing it bit to improve their lots. I wish success. This institution deserves encouragement" Mahavir Prasad Governor of Haryana (14 Nov., 1997) "बच्चों की अनेक गतिविधियों को देखकर अत्यंत प्रभावित हुआ हूँ! मैं इनके उज्जवल भविष्य की कामना करता हूँ" Dr. Prem Vector Chairman, Society for Rehabilatation and Research of the Handicapped, New Delhi (17 Feb., 1981)"The future of the deaf child in Haryana is in your hands. Wish you all the best" मंगल सेन उद्योग मंत्री, हरियाणा (15th August, 1977) "वाणी एवं श्रवण से वंचित बच्चों का ये विदयालय वास्तव में एक सराहनीय प्रयास है"
Wet Wong UNICEF, New Delhi (18 March, 1982) "We are very much impressed by the fine facilities and the obvious dedication of the staff…." Christine Bete Schmidth Toronto Canada (26 Feb., 2011) "The children and the school are an inspiration. It is a pleasure to meet such dedicated teachers.…" Mrs. S. Grewal IAS Secretary Ministry of Social Welfare, GOI, New Delhi (12 March, 1982) "This is a very nice school for the deaf and the way it has developed, it needs all the encouragement." Dhanpat Singh, IAS Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary to Govt. Haryana, Social Welfare Dept. (11 Dec., 2010) "The institute has nice building, sufficient no. of classrooms, very airy, lighted and a big square for children to play. Teachers are very dedicated and sincere" Yoshisato Tamaka Tokyo, Japan (10 Nov., 1987) "I was much impressed with the centre" Promilla Issar IAS Secretary Social Welfare, Haryana (10 May, 1991) "Their smiles are a testimony to the good work being done here…." Lyonpo Dorji Choden Minister, Bhutan (12 May, 2016)"The school is a great service to humanity, service to a group in society who can get left behind in the fast pace of development. Great job, great talents are unearthed and empower to live a dignified life"
   1971 : Gurgaon welfare centre
   2005 : Panchkula day care centre
Staff List
WELFARE CENTRE FOR PERSONS WITH HEARING & SPEECH IMPAIRMENT - GURGAON Established in the year 1971 under the Registration of Societies (Act XXI of 1860), the prime objective of this society is to undertake, organise, co-ordinate, motivate, liaison, promote, develop and mobilise the activities/programs for the welfare, benefit, care, treatment and rehabilitation of the hearing and speech impaired. With a view to provide education, vocational training, counselling, guidance and remedial services to hearing impaired children and facilitate their all-round development, self-reliance and rehabilitation, the Society has set up seven welfare centres at Gurgaon, Hisar, Sirsa, Karnal, Sonepat, Raipur Rani and Panchkula. The facilities/services offered in these centres are available to all hearing impaired children irrespective of their area, caste, creed, colour or religion. According to the 2011 census of India, there were 79,649 persons with Hearing and Speech disability in the state of Haryana only. The society works tirelessly for the welfare of that population subset either directly or indirectly. The children of Haryana State are given preference while providing such services, though these services are also provided to the children of the adjoining States like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and U.P. etc. The general control of the affairs of the society is vested in the Executive Committee which is Governing Body of the Society. His Excellency the Governor, Haryana is the President of the Society and Hon'ble Chief Minister, Haryana is its Vice-President. The Deputy Commissioner is the Ex-Officio Chairman of the respective branch/centre in the district. The society has 7 established centres distributed across the state of Haryana to ensure the maximum coverage of the state. Our Aim CHILDREN MUST BE TAUGHT HOW TO THINK& NOT WHAT TO THINK...!
   1981 : Hissar welfare centre
   1981 : Raipur Rani,Panchkula welfare centre
   1985 : Sirsa welfare centre
Sharanjeet Kaur Principal 
   1987 : Karnal welfare centre
Sharanjeet Kaur has been an active and dedicated social work professional for the last 22 years, working for the upliftment and empowerment of hearing and speech impaired children. A doctorate in Social Work from Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi, she has substantially contributed to academics and has written numerous research articles. While currently working as principal in Welfare Center for Speech and Hearing Handicapped, Gurgaon (Haryana) she has successfully introduced innovative rehabiliatory mechanism and other enabling efforts for the disabled at the center. She combines in her traits of a thorough professional with missionary zeal. She has also authored a significant book on social work- Social Work intervention with speech and hearing impaired.
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Welfare Centres under the Umbrella of the Society
   1990 : Sonipat welfare centre
KRISHAN KUMAR Type of Disability: Hearing and Speech Impaired (100%)From: Rewari, HaryanaStatus: Self-reliant and Employed with Citizen Press as a visual inspector Krishan Kumar studied till 7th standard and then started working with Hero Honda as a helper. After coming on rolls of the institute, he got trained in packaging and inspection, and soft skills as part of the vocational rehabilitation initiatives of the school and got placed at Citizen Press as a visual inspector. MUKESH GUPTAType of Disability: Hearing and Speech Impaired (100%)From: Patel Nagar, GurgaonStatus: Self-reliant and Employed with as a member of the assistance staff at their warehouse.  Mukesh Gupta dropped out of school after 9th standard to work in a welding shop to support his family. He idolizes his mother for all the hard work she has put in to support him in his struggle. He enrolled in the training on packaging and inspection, and soft skills as part of the vocational rehabilitation initiatives of the school and secured a job at in Bilaspur. DEEPAK SHERAWATType of Disability: Speech & Hearing Impaired (100%)From: Gurgaon,HaryanaStatus: Presently Art and Craft Teacher in the welfare center, his alma mater, is a diploma holder in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art.  Deepak, who is also an accomplished photographer, enjoys teaching the skills to the children with whom he identifies a lot. After working with reputed retail chains of fashion clothing in Gurgaon, he finally entered in teaching and training, he wished. He visualises his future in making hearing and speech disabled empowered in both financial and social sense. Thanks to the noble efforts of Shri T.L - Hardeep Singh, IAS, DC, Gurgaon and Chairman of the welfare center, Mr. Deepak has been able to become a teacher in the center in which he himself has studied- which is a first both for a student and the welfare center in its 45 years of history.
Students List
Students          Corner
SUCCESS STORIES CHANDRAVEER   Type of Disability: Hearing and Speech Impaired (100%) since birthFrom: Aligarh, Uttar PradeshStatus: Self-reliant and working as Warehouse Assistant at Myntra, Gurgaon As part of the vocational rehabilitation initiatives of the school and the assistance of SNS foundation, Chandraveer completed two-month training in SNS foundation and 3-day training at the Vector E-commerce and is currently placed with Vecttor E-commerce, Myntra. As per his supervisors, he is a better worker then most of his fellow workers who have no physical disability. MS. SUDESHType of Disability: Hearing and Speech Impaired (100%)From: Nizampur, DelhiStatus: Self-reliant Working as SOFT SKILLS TRAINER (using Indian Sign Language) for the speech and hearing impaired at SNS Foundation (SNSF). DEEPAK KUMARType of Disability: Hearing and Speech Impaired (100%)From: Hansi, HaryanaStatus: Self-reliant and Employed with Gojavas, an online shopping warehouse at Rajokari, New Delhi.  Deepak Kumar, son of an agricultural laborer, feels confident that he will be able to live his life with dignity. Deepak managed to get education up to 8th class from the school of normal hearing candidates before associating with the institute and is passionate to learn new things. As part of the vocational rehabilitation initiatives of the school, Deepak Kumar got 2 months training in inspection and packaging and was employed with Gojavas, an online shopping warehouse at Rajokari, New Delhi. ANIL KUMARType of Disability: Speech and Hearing Impaired (70 %)From: Faridabad, HaryanaStatus: Self-reliant and Employed with Shree Durga Udyog Company as visual inspector  Anil Kumar is in his 30s and has worked as a construction labourer for 8 years in past. He is educated till 5th standard only. After coming on rolls of the institute, Anil Kumar got trained as part of the vocational rehabilitation initiatives of the school and the assistance of SNS foundation and is currently hopeful of his bright future. MOHAMMAD KHALIDType of Disability: Hearing and Speech Impaired (100%)From: GhaziabadStatus: Self-reliant and Employed with Gabriel India Limited as Machine Operator Mohammad Khalid is happiest when he plays football with his friends. He passed his 10th standard exam and after that he pursued ITI at Government ITI College, Gurgaon. Being associated with the institute, he got trained as part of the vocational rehabilitation initiatives of the school and is currently working with Gabriel India Limited as Machine Operator. He aspires to work at managerial post in Honda Motorcycles and Scooters Pvt. Ltd. in packaging department.
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